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I imagine a world where people feel safe to be who they are no matter what.” – Ryan

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What is a religious refusal?

With increasing frequency, we are seeing businesses and healthcare institutions claiming a right to discriminate — by refusing to provide health care and other services to women and LGBTQ people — based on religious objections. The discrimination takes many forms, including:

  • Businesses, like bakeries, convenient stores, exercise studios, and photography shops, refusing to serve LGBTQ people or their children.
  • Religiously affiliated hospitals refusing to provide birth control, sterilization, or even emergency abortion care to women who are in the midst of miscarriage and require immediate medical intervention.
  • Religiously affiliated health care providers failing to provide patients with complete medical information because of religious objections to certain kinds of care.
  • Pharmacies turning away women seeking to fill birth control prescriptions or to transgender people seeking to fill prescriptions for hormones.

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