Who we are

New Mexico Entiende is
a community collaboration
that envisions a New Mexico
where all people have
access to the care and
community they need
regardless of who they are
or who they love.

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Hyde and Abortion Access Within Indigenous Communities by Kandace Littlefoot

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aELRUzWEUmY Kandace Littlefoot (Diné) discusses the Hyde Amendment and its impact on access to abortion care within Indigenous communities. “Indigenous people have survived genocide, removal of our children and forced sterilization, among other atrocities…I support abortion access because of my Indigenous matriarchal values and traditions — not in spite of them.” September 30th, 2021 marks…

Pride is a story about our interconnected struggle for liberation

By Raychel Sanner, Senior Digital Media Strategist, ACLU of New Mexico  Before coming out as transgender, I always saw Pride as an over-the-top and insanely fun celebration of humanity’s best quality: love.  Though in the years since being ‘out,’ my appreciation for everything Pride month represents has widened and deepened substantially. Pride is protest, yes….

Rachael's life hung in the balance because of someone else's religious beliefs

No one should ever have to wait to receive the healthcare they need to save their life because of the religious beliefs of someone else. Rachael found themself on a hospital bed with a severe pregnancy complication and needed emergency health care. Instead of helping them, the doctor instead told Rachael that he knew what…

What are religious refusals?


With our #BienvenidosAll sticker and social media campaign, we are shining a spotlight on places that have an open door and warm welcome for all of our families – across our identities – as we access the care, services, and communities we need.